Hi! I’m Danny. There are many things in life that I enjoy to the fullest extent. However, as I’ve grown older I’ve shed some of my many different hats, or put them away for safekeeping. I’ve since come to realize that there are really only two things to me; Food and Sex. This blog is getting a makeover and will now include every one of my hedonistic adventures.

I’m a professionally trained cook, a sexpert/sex-positivity-supporter/educator, restaurant reviewer, alternative lifestyle activist, model, food enjoy-er, event host, self-proclaimed comedian, critic of human behavior, eastern philosophy admirer, professional pretty face, and aspiring entrepreneur. But I am not a baker. I just can’t seem to get that one down right. I’m fueled on passion, pleasure, yoga, vodka, meat, and attention.

I can be cynical and easily annoyed. I am also a very loving, passionate, and even sensitive individual who is open to it all. I am a pleasure-seeker, and while I enjoy laughing at all of the shit in the world, I will also fully relish in the gold. I put as much effort into appreciating all that is good and wonderful as I do demeaning and criticizing those experiences that are subject to it. I am also well aware, that while I think I’m great, I do not know everything… although I will often speak as though I do.

It takes a real passion for food, sex, and life to love it, find humor in it, find pleasure in it, find it sexy and arousing, admit your own ignorance, and always try to learn more. The world is so ultimately satisfying and exciting and I will be here to remind you of that.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Very nice blog

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